Will’s Loss is Alzheimer Societies Gain

June 25, 2018

Kilworth team member Will Stanway, joined forces with local fundraisers Jo and Kev Price and agreed to have his head shaved at their annual fundraising event ‘Priceyfest’. They carry out great work every year, raising funds for Alzheimers Uk, British Heart Foundation and Pancreatic Cancer.  At the event on Saturday, our man Will agreed to have his head shaved and was busy trying to raise additional funds towards this great cause.

With much support, from family, friends, local people and much valued customer support, Will has raised over £1200.00 after having set himself an initial target of £500.00.  We wanted to highlight this great effort from Will, along with the efforts of Jo & Kev for their ongoing efforts toward these great charities.  In our day to day work at Kilworth we see many examples of dementia and it is only with the help of many hard working individuals and organisations that the funds are raised to continue the research in to this ever expanding area.

Well done to all concerned with this and a special acknowledgement to ‘our man Will’, we are very proud of your efforts.

PS – if you see him around on site, please note he is not auditioning to be the next Mitchell Brother, but its still growing back.


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