Positive Results and Recognition for Company Recycling Efforts

June 20, 2021

By way of a follow up to our earlier post regards the introduction of a fantastic scheme for the Recycling our Vinyl Waste, the Kilworth team have worked extremely hard to maximise this outstanding process for the benefit of the Planet.  These efforts have been rewarded and recognised over the past two years, with multiple awards being given to the Kilworth Business by way of acknowledgement of our dedication and focus on recycling.

Since late 2019, in what has been a challenging time for everyone we have amassed a significant 4 tonnes of vinyl waste, all of which has been sent for recycling rather than going to land fill and because of these endeavours, we have been recognised in the following categories:

2020 Recofloor Best Newcomer – Highly Commended

2020 Silver Award – For Volume Recycled

2021 Recofloor Contractor Of The Year – Highly Commended

2021 Bronze Award – For Volume Recycled

In addition to this multiple recognition for the Company efforts, it is with great pride that a member of our Team was recognised with one of the top awards of 2021, that of Recofloor Champion, for his individual efforts.

Our very own Will Stanway was given this acknowledgement.  He is to date, the youngest recipient of the award at the age of 25, for his outstanding efforts at making the scheme a real success within our business and ensuring that we maximise our overall recycling efforts efficiently.

2021 Recofloor Champion – Will Stanway (Kilworth Flooring)

We are continuing to seek further areas where waste can be better disposed of throughout our entire operation, and we will continue to strive to ‘do our bit’ for a better planet for generations to come.

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